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Our Values

8 Core Beliefs

Our Values That Guide Us


Integrity is our foundation for everything that we do at FreeLife. It guides all of our actions with respect to the quality and effectiveness of our products, our abundant and balanced compensation plan and how we operate. Integrity is doing what is right and is the value upon which we build and maintain trust.


Belief empowers people to become more than they have ever imagined possible. It inspires us to realize our dreams and provides us with the courage to lead others to do the same. We believe we can make a meaningful difference in many lives.


Respect is about living the Golden Rule and treating others how we would want to be treated. We respect the differences, value the unlimited potential and celebrate the unique qualities in people.


Gratitude gives us our perspective in life. We choose to focus on the positive, we praise and recognize the accomplishments of others and are thankful.


Accountability reminds us that we are personally responsible for our own decisions, actions and efforts in achieving our goals. We hold ourselves accountable for being a team player in helping others succeed and for exemplifying our core values.


Unity is the bond that strengthens us. We know that we are stronger as a team than we are individually. At FreeLife we stand in partnership, united around our vision, mission, commitment and values.


Humility reminds us we don’t have all the answers. When we make a mistake, we learn from it and constantly strive to get better each day. We leave our egos behind and seek first to understand by asking questions and listening.


Service is our reason for being. Through a servant heart, we enrich the lives of others and consistently demonstrate care and concern for people. We serve by lifting others up, inspiring others with our example and always looking for ways to make a difference in people’s lives.