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Staying Connected

We Are Social

Thanks to social media, we can all stay a bit more connected and on top of the latest information for everything FreeLife related. We have chosen several of the popular social media platforms to stay connected with you and give you the choice of the type of information you'll see from us based on those platforms. #ChoicesAreGood!


Facebook is clearly the world's social platform of choice for general life sociability. Leaning more toward personal interest exchanges, Facebook has a more casual environment than many of the other platforms and lends itself to a fun, personable approach to the sharing of ideas. For this reason, FreeLife considers Facebook its primary platform for most information, all delivered with a healthy dose of creativity, humor and humanism.

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When it comes to short bits of quick information, Twitter is the master of its realm. While many use Twitter for comic relief and other lighthearted, anecdotal information — quick business updates are very useful on Twitter and are the defacto standard for 140 character communication. FreeLife utilizes Twitter mainly for notes on event information, such as webinars, leadership calls, etc., as well as other purely informational updates about FreeLife in general.

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YouTube is the world's most popular video sharing site. As such, it makes for a great platform to host various FreeLife videos to be viewed and shared around the world. FreeLife uses YouTube as a primary platform for all of our videos, so by subscribing to FreeLife's YouTube channel, you will be notified whenever a new video is uploaded!

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Instagram users love how photography captures life's moments and ideas in a single photo. FreeLife loves this too! We use our Instagram account to post inspiring, caring, and funny posts as well as FreeLife related news and updates in photo form.

Follow us on Instagram for purely visual content related to FreeLife and our passionate pursuit of creating health, wellness and abundance!



Pinterest is like a huge, social, digital corkboard. It allows you to "Pin" items you like for later reference. This makes a great way to collect and share things like recipes, creative design concepts, fun workout routines, etc, to stay on top of your favorite ideas, goals and interests.

Follow us on Pinterest for fun and inspiring "pin-able" content related to the FreeLife lifestyle ranging from things like strong leadership party ideas to best recipes for use with our products!

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LinkedIn is the world's most prominent business and personal networking site. Whether it be for job hunters seeking new employment opportunities, business owners seeking new customers, vendors, and partners, or entrepenuers just looking to extend their professional network, LinkedIn is locked in on this concept. Due to LinkedIn's strong business networking culture, it is an excellent community for FreeLife Marketing Executives to expand their own networks and promote their businesses. As such, FreeLife communications via LinkedIn will typically be business minded, thought provoking posts intended to promote discussions on health, wealth, and well being!

Connect with us on LinkedIn for business related content such as articles, business techniques, advice, and other professional topics related to FreeLife.

Although some content will be available on multiple mediums, we highly recommend liking, following, subscribing, and connecting to FreeLife on each platform you use. Together, we can stay connected and informed to maximize communication and help inspire everyone's personal pursuit of health, wellness, and abundance!