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The Science behind our Total Body System

The Total Body Weight Loss Breakthrough!

Several years ago, as FreeLife's world-class Science Team was conducting clinical research on the goji berry's ability to improve overall health, they discovered something never seen before — a remarkable ability of goji to burn belly fat! From this discovery, FreeLife scientists ultimately developed The TAIslim Total Body System, an innovative weight loss and fitness system that has been scientifically shown to help people lose 6 times more body fat and 8 times more weight in 60 days than diet and exercise alone! The System has the potential to be the biggest scientific breakthrough in the weight loss and fitness arena in many decades. It is destined to help millions of people around the world enjoy a level of health and fitness that they would never have dreamed they could achieve.

Since 2003, FreeLife has been recognized as the leader in Goji research and product development.

The Secret Weapon in the War on Fat!

Science Sets Us Apart

Since The TAIslim System was launched, thousands have already gotten into the best shape of their lives in 60 days with this scientific breakthrough system. We call it "The Secret Weapon in the War on Fat!"

The proprietary TAIslim System has the backing of more than 40 published or presented studies at prestigious scientific conferences. It features innovations that are protected by two patents and two patents pending. In controlled clinical studies, the System has been shown to help people lose 6 times more body fat and 8 times more weight than diet and exercise alone! To our knowledge, no other weight loss or fitness system can make that claim.

People around the world are following The TAIslim System and getting into the best shape of their lives. We invite you to put our breakthrough science to work for you. Start The TAIslim System today, and start Living the Free-Life!

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